Hi! I'm Matt. I'm a queer trans guy in my early 30s, sexually and romantically interested in folks of various genders.

This Site

Most of my sexual desires are rather tame, but I do have this one kink that is kind of unusual. I'm turned on by injuries, especially those that aren't very dangerous, but are painful enough to make a given story more interesting. That could be a lightly sprained wrist or a broken leg – it all depends on the context.

I'm not a foot fetishist, I'm not into most medical play and I'm not really into casts (although I do find bandages rather sexy even on their own). That being said, those are the main sources for my porn, because I've yet to find others whose tastes in these are actually similar to mine. That often means looking at uninjured feet that bore me, reading terribly misogynist descriptions of poor injured women who are saved by strong horny men (the author and reader), and generally not getting off as well as I'd like despite the occasional gem.

I learned to accept this kink when I got to know whump communities, and am certainly somewhat attached to those, but never quite found the blogs and fic that really spoke to me. Or rather: I like whump, hurt/comfort and injury-things in non-sexual, ways, too, and for those, reading some whump fic can be great. For the sexual aspects, however, I keep getting drawn more towards pornier content. Also, I'm slightly squicked out by illness and not particularily interested in stab wounds, and those were the main focus points of the whump communities that I found.

That's why I decided to put my own smut on the internet. I don't consider myself a writer, let alone a skilled one. But I do occasionally write down my own horny fantasies, and figured that more likely than not, someone out there will be as happy about them as I am when I find something that is at least vaguely relevant to these interest.

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